Can I come out to the track and pay to run my car or motorcycle?  AMP does not hold “track” days open to the public.  The facility is available to clubs and track day organizations that hold events for their members.  Local clubs such as: ProAutoSports, NASA-AZ (Pro Racing), PCA-AZ Region (Porsche Club of America), Xcel Track days (Motorcycles), SCCA, and others are typical Users.

Are drifting events allowed at AMP?  No. The tire-smoke, squealing tires and loud engine noises that are produced by drifting cars are not “neighbor friendly.”

How quiet does my car or motorcycle have to be to run at AMP?  Arizona Motorsports Park has set a maximum limit of a 94.dB The test consists of measuring a vehicle at 50ft from the test meter during a full-throttle drive by.

How do I know how loud my car or motorcycle is? Amps’ event organizers hold sound test sessions before the start of the event.  When your vehicle passes the sound test a sound compliance sticker is issued and it is OK to run.

Don’t the noisy jets from Luke AFB exceed the AMP sound meter limit?  Yes, however AMP has data recording sound meters strategically placed on the property that indicate if loud noises are from LUKE AFB jets or vehicles on the track.

How many people can be allowed on site at any given time?  AMP’s Special Use Permit allows for a maximum of 200 people to be on site at any time.  Gates open at 8:00 AM with the facility vacated by 5:00 PM.

Can clubs race at  AMP?  Yes, with the same 94dB sound limit for each participating  vehicle or motorcycle.